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Selling a home

You Could Save Thousands!
No longer do you need to pay 5-6% commission to sell your home. Use your savings to reduce the sales price to speed up the selling process or to provide financing options to the buyers. Sounds Impossible? Click above to find the smartest way to sell a home.

Buying a home
Search thousands of properties nationwide to find your dream home.
Buyer rebate programs.
Virtual tour of properties
Pre-qualify for a loan
First to know email updates.


Home buying can be one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make. We have put together some basic information to guide you through to make the right decisions when you buy a home.

Auto Loans

Resources for auto loans and insurance. Should you buy a new or used car? Should you lease or buy? What rebate programs are available to me? Be an informed car buyer and get the best deals! 

Credit cards

Having problems with your credit score? We have compiled a list of general information on credit reports, how to improve your credit score...

Home equity

Should you borrow from the equity in your home? How much equity do you have? Having equity can be a financial asset, but use it wisely.

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