It is critical to your happiness that you resolve any debt issues!

So we are at a stage where we can now strategize on a spending plan that lowers your debt and makes certain that you pay on time from now to evermore.

Making payments can sometimes be difficult, but you can prevent any problems by thinking ahead. You can pick up the phone and call your creditors and speak nicely to them in asking them to keep your accounts current and from being reported as delinquent.  You can negotiate just about anything and if asked nicely, the creditor might reduce your monthly payments, or even change the due dates in order to help you balance out your monthly bills.

This same above mentioned strategy could also be used for fixed-loan payments. It is important to keep in mind that this is only short-term thinking. Eventually, You will pay more interest to extend the repayment schedule, however this gives you time.  You can now save your credit rating by being current on your payments. Any extra money you might have should be all utilized to pay off debts one after another.

Lets give you some more  ideas to pay off your credit cards.

We are moving along quite well and now we have some extra credit cards that you need to close out. Recommendations are to have between two and four major cards. A notation of interest would be that canceling credit cards can also prove to have a negative impact. 

There is something called a FICO score which is your score of how well you are doing the credit world. FICO looks at the ratio of total debts to total available credit. If you have too few credit cards because you have gone ahead a cancelled all of them, you can have a poor FICO score.  It is good to keep your revolving debt to 50 percent of your available credit.

Some people get excited and pull out the scissors and cut up all of their cards.  Although this might be fun and exhilarating, remember that all you have done is get rid of the use of the cards, not close the account. Once again we will come to your rescue by  explaining  how to wisely close out your unwanted credit card.

A few other important points as to keeping a good credit score.  When closing out your accounts close out the newest ones first as they do not have as much of the credit history as some of the older ones.  Take time to close out your accounts and in many ways it might prove to be beneficial to spread it out over a couple of months.  Don’t get too excited when someone wants to raise your credit limit.  Be moderate and humble when dealing with increased credit limits. 

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