Keep thorough notes if you plan to dispute anything!

So by now you have realized that a bad credit report will cost you heavily. And only you can be extremely thorough about proving them wrong.  You can approach it in 2 ways, either dispute their charges by completing the dispute form provided with your credit report or simply write them a letter.   You need to identify each mistake and state why you think it is wrong.  We would recommend that you send a photocopy of your credit report with the mistakes circled to the reporting credit bureau. Wherever possible make sure to include copies of supporting documents.

Recording all of your communications including dates sent, whether it be forms or letters is very critical. Within 30 days, the credit bureau must investigate any relevant dispute and if the source of your communication is not verifiable, then the creditor is removed.

Keep in mind that there will be occasions when you will have to take it in your own hads to call and speak to the creditors regarding some of the errors made on your report. Again we are not about to leave you to the wolves and are going to provide you with several steps to fixing your credit report which I am certain will be of great help in dealing with these kind of problems.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel when the credit bureau makes the changes to your credit file.  The will send you a free, updated copy of your credit report.


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