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Warren Buffet to the Rescue

February 18th, 2008 by Dollar$ & Sense

Warren Buffet is all over the news again! This time it has to do with Wall Street and saving those Bond Insurers. The billionaire investor’s offer to help out troubled bond insurers rallied the markets and the Dow Jones industrials rose more than 130 points, easing some of the market’s concerns about further deterioration in the credit markets. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway holding company has offered up to $800 billion in municipal bonds, primarily as a second level insurance. The last time we heard his name all over the news was when he donated a substantial amount of his money towards the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That is just fantastic! We need more of the wealthy in this country to find charitable causes and foundations that will help to alleviate poverty, reduce diseases, provide universal education, bring about more equality, and reduce the increasing gap bewteen the rich and poor.

Talking about the rich and poor, most of us in this country feel that the rich do not pay enough taxes and the rich just get richer. Well, what do you think Warren Buffet has to say about this? What is his opinion on the amount of taxes he pays? What percentage do you think his tax rate is at? Keep in mind that the average American pays about 28% in tax. You will be surprised at his answer!

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