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The Boom in Used Car Sales in the First Half of The Year

September 17th, 2010 by usedcarssales


The Automotive Trade Chamber and talk about a boom in sales.Between January and June this year reached 720 000 units throughout the country.The boom in used car for sales in the first half of the year, a rise of 17 percent over the same period in 2009, shows that the continued demand sustained , said the president of the Automotive Chamber of Commerce , Prince Albert .In its report, the CCA points out that during the first six months of 2010 , sales of used car to 720 163 units ( 17.03% ) compared to same period in 2009, when it totaled 615,348 units.

The leader said that “as the numbers show, the lowest growth occurs in Federal Capital with nearly 7 percent, while the provinces recorded sales rises of between 10 and 34 percent. Indeed , sales in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires , according to data from the CEC registered the lowest growth , 6.58 percent, resulting from the comparison of 13 896 cars sold in June last year with those of same month of 2010, which amounted to 14 080 .

On the contrary, in the provinces of Misiones highlighted an increase of 33.51 percent for the same month and Formosa with 33.39 percent achieved by specific operations during the sixth month of the year.Prince stressed the “pull “sales undertaken by the provinces, and said ” this demonstrates , as we have been holding for several months that the strong sales growth in the sector are based in rural areas .

In addition, most of the provinces with underdeveloped economies grew on average by over 10 percent.
This opportunity highlights the Mesopotamian region increased on average 28.29 percent ( 31.51 % Misiones , Corrientes, Entre Rios 24.54% and 26.84 %).The report also shows that known today during last June , used car sales rose 15.69 percent compared to June 2009 ( 123 812 to 107 020 vehicles) , while referring to the increase in May , stood at 9.45 per percent from the 113,119 cars sold.

The holder of the CEC, which insisted on ” the industry is regionalizing “adding that ” this implies the creation of domestic capital into the provinces, which help keep current with technology infrastructure of the moment and in line with the products to be renewing . He also stressed that ” this growth is giving the reason for those who bet on the used cars business in different provinces. In another order and in reference to the prices of used cars , Prince argued that these are small increases that accompany each month are having 0km . As there is missing of certain segments of 0km , the gap between young and used 0km will shrink back , he predicted .

The reality is that the sector is growing , continuously, since 2002 , when sell your car fell to 45 095 vehicles for the whole country in June, against the current 123 812 units sold in same month of 2010.

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