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Retirement Planning: The Ultimate Guide with Tips & Tools for Your Rich Future

March 13th, 2008 by Your Financial Resource

So you have a job and you make money. Is it enough to cover all your expenses? Is it enough to put aside some money towards your retirement? What about those credit card debts, home mortgages, and travel expenses coming up? What about starting a family, paying for your children’s education? Have you already started planning for retirement? What steps have you taken?  Perhaps you have consulted with retirement planning services and professionals or found some online sources for financial planning software and retirement planning tools.

Ok, so we have raised a number of questions and hopefully sparked some ideas and thoughts in your mind. Our last podcast introduced the topic of financial freedom and how the resources learned from our community can be shared with our listeners. The ultimate goal being that we can use this information to achieve financial success in our lives.

Well, here’s a little preview of our next several episodes about a Retirement Planning Guide, which will be sold through leading book sellers like Amazon for $29.99. However, for a limited time, we are giving away this eBook as a FREE download along with a five part course which will be emailed to you. To get this and other exclusive content now, sign up to our email list.

Our next several episodes will dive into the contents of this Retirement Planning Guide. You don’t want to miss this series of podcasts if you are looking to personally manage your finances or are searching for a retirement planning guide, including retirement planning calculators and retirement planning software. All this valuable information along with tips and tools for retirement and financial planning are in this eBook to aid you with your own personal financial planning. 

What is covered in this Retirement Planning book?

  • Things you should think about when starting your retirement plan
  • How to determine how much money you’ll need now and in the future
  • Maximizing your employer’s retirement plans while you can
  • How to find FREE MONEY in your employer’s retirement plans
  • Investing in the stock market to grow your retirement savings
  • What you need to know if you have to work after the age of 65
  • How to plan your will
  • The best way to use your home in your retirement plans
  • How to find health insurance in retirement
  • If you need to purchase long-term care and life insurance
  • Lots more…

We look forward to sharing this with you in the upcoming podcasts. Once again, sign up to our email list to get the FREE eBook and the five part course. Also if you want to get ready to listen to the podcasts on your iPod, click the iTunes link above. It will take you to the Financial Resource iTunes store. Click on the Subscribe button once you are in iTunes. With that final click, you are all set to automatically receive the latest FREE podcasts on this book.

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  1. Wealth Builder said:

    This is an area that interests me a lot. I am currently looking at our investsments and my wife and my incomes to plan out our “early retirement”. We have such a crazy schedule, so we are looking forward to downloading the podcast onto our iPods and listening while jogging. Thanks!

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