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Mortgage Refinance Information for Homeowners with Bad Credit

September 10th, 2009 by refinancemortgagerates

If you are a homeowner with poor credit and are seeking mortgage refinance information, there are a number of loan programs to help you. Bad credit will not prevent you from receiving competitive interest rates; however, you will need to shop for the best mortgage refinance information to avoid overpaying. Here are three things to avoid when shopping for bad credit mortgage refinance information.

Depend on the extent of your credit problems you may need to seek mortgage refinance information, lowest refinance mortgage rates from a type of specialty mortgage lender known as “Sub-Prime” mortgage lenders. These lenders specialize in mortgages for homeowners with credit ratings that prevent them from traditional financing. There is more risk when applying for a bad credit mortgage due to scams from predatory mortgage lenders. Here are three warning signs to look out for when refinancing your mortgage refinanc with bad credit.

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I. Mortgage Refinance Information: Avoid Poor Customer Service

Bad customer service is not a necessarily a sign of a disreputable lender; however, it is an indication of potential complications with that lender. If a lender does not return your phone calls or emails you should seek your loan from another lender. Keep in mind that mortgage lenders frequently buy and sell mortgage loans so the lender you choose today might not be your lender tomorrow.

II. Mortgage Refinance Information: Watch Out For Excessive Lender Fees and Rates

Whenever you apply for a home equity loan with cash out refinance there will always be fees to pay. These fees include lender origination fees and closing costs. Predatory lenders charge excessive fees because they know homeowners with poor credit ratings have fewer options when it comes to refinancing their mortgage loans. Watch out for excessive fees or fees you do not recognize from other lenders when doing your comparison shopping. Comparison shopping mortgage refinance information from a variety of mortgage lenders will help you find the most competitive offer and avoid lenders that charge too much.

III. Mortgage Refinance Information: Beware Unusual Loan Conditions

Unscrupulous mortgage lenders often structure their loan contracts to promote default. They do this to boost their profits when they seize the property and sell it at foreclosure. These lenders often include large balloon payments, periodic refinancing requirements, or require you to purchase additional services or insurance as a condition of approval for the loan. If you feel your mortgage lender is stacking the deck against you with your loan’s terms you should seek second mortgage refinancing information from another lender.

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