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FR3 | Retirement Planning - Audiobook / Books on Tape - Free Download Part 2

April 6th, 2008 by Your Financial Resource

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This is the continuation of our FREE Audiobooks / Books on Tape downloads on the book Retirement Planning. We know our listener’s time is valuable and many of you have busy schedules. Therefore we have endeavoured to put this book on a series of podcasts or a FREE audiobook / book on tape so that you play it now by clicking the play button above this post (turn up your speakers) or download them to your iTunes and iPod to listen while running or working out later. To subscribe to the podcast and download into iTunes, click here.

In this Podcast, the following topics are covered:

A.  What will it cost to be retired in the future?

At a minimum, you want to:  Decide on the annual income you desire in today’s dollars; Pick a retirement date; Determine your lifetime average inflation rate; Determine the average rate of return you expect on your investments before and after retirement; Determine the current market value of all your investments to include regular accounts, IRAs, and company tax-deferred savings plans like 401(k) plans; Obtain an estimate of any company-provided pension benefit; Obtain an estimate of future Social Security benefits; and Armed with this data, you can determine the annual savings required for you to enjoy the good life. 

Sounds like a lot, you are right!  We all need to prepare ourselves for our financial freedom.

In this audiobook we are also looking at…

B.  What are the different types of employer retirement plans and how to take advantage of the free money they provide?

This is the chapter where you discover truly what the company you are working for has buried in their employee handbook which was given to you on your first day at your job.  Open it up and you will find FREE MONEY!  Yes I said Free money

& finally in this part of the audiobook we will be looking at…

C.  Uncle Sams part in planning your retirement and what you will be paying in taxes.  This is where you will learn that it is best to invest in tax deferred investment vehicles instead of post tax investments. 

Thats all for this podcast and the next chapters of the audiobook. 

We look forward to being with you next time and acheiving financial freedom in the near future.

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