Down payments

When you are shopping for a car at a dealer, we advise not to put down cash for a deposit on a car.  If by any chance the deal does not work out, you will have a great deal of trouble getting any of your money back.  We suggest that in this case you use a credit card so that if you encounter any problems, you can dispute the transaction with your credit card company.  Should you by any chance need to look at the information we put together on the credit card page, please click here.  

Should you need a new credit card to handle deposits and purchases, don't pay cash. If you have good credit, try applying for a Discover Platinum Card, which has no annual fee, 100% fraud protection, and 0% APR in a lot of instances. If your credit is ok, but not perfect, try the useful Lending Tree Credit Card Search.  Their free service gives you up to 4 credit cards willing to issue you credit. Don't keep applying to credit cards, get rejected, and your credit history ruined further, find out who will approve you before you apply. 

If your credit is so bad and if you're in too deep, maybe now is not the time to buy a car.  But don't take on more debt with a consolidation loan, try a debt reduction program for free.


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